[Mgs] Carb Bank Interchangeability

David Councill dcouncill at karamursel.org
Fri Nov 12 13:58:54 MST 2021

Yes - I did that switch on my 72B. Mostly because I had a decent rebuilt 
set from a 71BGT to use and I am very familiar with the HS4s and no 
experience with the HIF carbs. I did use the HIF carbs for at least a 
few months or so before removal  and they did seem to have some 
advantages, in particular in cold weather starting as I recall.

Now that I have several MGs (67BGT, 72B, 64B), I am giving some thought 
to putting the HIFs back in the 72B this winter, granted I am also 
currently rebuilding the 67BGT.

David Councill

On 11/12/2021 7:32 AM, daybell7 at aol.com wrote:
> I have a 1972 MGB with HIF carbs & a 1968 BGT with HS4s newly 
> purchased.  It appears the intake manifolds are the same.  Can I just 
> switch the carb banks?
> The BGT needs a clutch, so I want to put the new HS4s on the car that 
> is running.
> Thanks,
> Steve Hughes
> Archer, FL
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