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     Yes, the springs do sag over time, the leaf springs more visibly sagging than the front coils.  
     Some years back, my GT’s rear springs were too sagged to tolerate. I bought new, from the large supplier in California.  The car was raised, not unlike the off-road cars one sees.  At a spring rebuild shop, one that had not dealt with little car springs in years, the owner, who was a former MGB owner, advised me to remove the bottom leaf, about four inches long, and the second leaf, possibly 12-14 inches.  I did, but the rear was still up.  He then told me that front coils sag too. I installed new front springs and finally got the ride height about right.
     This discussion causes me to think I should go measure all the corners again.  It has been many years and many miles.

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> Thanks Paul,
> Do springs (leaf springs especially) tend to sag is decades?
> Hans
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> Have a look at http://www.mgb-stuff.org.uk/suspensiontext.htm#height
> CB is  typically around 14-14.5" from the centre of the wheel hub to the underside of the bright trim strip.
> PaulH.
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> Is there info about the ride height of an MK2 1971 MGB GT?
> What distance is the centre of each wheel to the top of the wheel arch?
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