[Mgs] MGA Clutch hydraulics

PaulHunt73 paulhunt73 at virginmedia.com
Tue Dec 14 08:57:26 MST 2021

I don't know the MGA single master system but the MGB masters have a 
very small bypass port leading from the reservoir into the cylinder.  If 
that's blocked then fluid won't be able to fill the cylinder, and only 
spitting if the clutch pipe is removed does tend to indicate that.

Also with the MGB you can reverse-fill/bleed the system from the slave 
bleed port either with an EeziBleed on that or by connecting the caliper 
and that port.  In the latter case open both bleed ports and use brake 
pedal pressure gently to see if you can push fluid up into the reservoir.

If so then it's probably the pressure seal and/or bore.


This MGA has a single reservoir.  The brake side is working, the clutch 
side is not.  I can not get any pressure pumping the pedal. Here is what 
I/'/ve tried so far:
> 1. Changed out the tubing from the master
> 2. Got a little fluid out when I cracked the tubing at the master. 
> Fluid kind of spit.
> 3. Got a little fluid out when I cracked at the other end of the tubing
> 4. Fluid in reservoir did not drop when pumping.
> 5. Took the master out and checked the rubber parts all seemed to be 
> in order.
> 6. Covered the output of the reservoir and I could not push the shaft in.
> 7. Took the master cover off and looked to see if there was something 
> stopping the fluid from entering the cylinder.  Both sides looked the 
> same.
> 8. Reinstalled the master and no pressure still.
> Any other ideas?  I think that the fluid id not getting into the 
> cylinder, but I don't know why.
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