[Mgs] Video and Les Myer article

David Woerpel dwoerpel at wi.net
Sat Oct 31 13:47:17 MDT 2020

Hi folks,

As long as we're doing blasts from the past.  I just found and read Les 
Myer's account of his trip transporting a Midget to Frank's and then 
picking up another and trailering it home. Brought back memories.


Next, John Seaman sent a link to his YouTube with an updated edited 
version of the Midget 50th at Road America.  Well done and even Burt 
Levy gets in the act.


Enjoy and stay well,

Dave W.

'59 :{)

"59 MGA 1500

Burlington WI

"Pay It Forward"

If you come here wear a freaking mask! (to paraphrase our Gov.)

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