[Mgs] MGA 1500 Front Brakes

Eric Russell ejrussell at mebtel.net
Mon Oct 26 13:34:50 MDT 2020

In addition to checking all parts of the brake system, check for loose 
rear leaf spring U-bolts. Does it tend to veer one way on acceleration 
and the other on deceleration? Classic symptom of loose U-bolts. (or a 
broken leaf as Max has noted)

Eric Russell
Mebane, NC

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> Subject: [Mgs] MGA 1500  Front Brakes
> Some times you just get stumped! This is one of these times.  My 1500 MGA is pulling to the rt like the left fronts are not even working, sort of.
> Run down the road and not even step on the peddle hard and the car goes right rather hard.

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