[Mgs] Overheating MGB GT

Barney Gaylord barneymg at mgaguru.com
Sun Oct 25 11:03:42 MDT 2020

Last time I saw soft scum that color in a radiator it had oil in the 
coolant, so it might be a head gasket problem.

At 10:16 PM 10/24/2020, Michael MacLean wrote:
>I have been having problems with my MGB GT running hot.  To start 
>out with the simplest things first, I removed the radiator cap and 
>found what you see in the picture.  Add to that it is a 7 psi 
>cap.  My car is a 1969 which requires a 10 psi cap.  After running 
>out two tanks of gas it took half a 50/50 mix antifreeze container 
>to fill the system back up.  Checking the timing is next.
>Mike MacLean
>1969 MGB GT with a 1967 engine.
>1960 Bugeye 1275 w/Datsun 5 Speed
>1956 BN2 Lemans
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