[Mgs] Determine build date for an O/D transmission?

PaulHunt73 paulhunt73 at virginmedia.com
Sat Nov 16 01:59:36 MST 2019

That's progress for you.  Mine has a door and ignition key as well as the plipper so I can just keep the spare plipper in the car.

Doesn't have to be the glovebox, can be concealed in many places around the car, I've done that with both the MGBs.  And there are places where one can put a magnetic box that is on top of a surface rather than underneath, and can be reached from outside the car.

They are more likely to smash the window on recent cars to plug something into the diagnostic socket.  A pal lost a car like that, done in the right place it didn't even set off the alarm.

The Police advise owners with modern cars to get a steering wheel bar, they are still available even though they date back 20 years or more.  My pal has one now, but I doubt many do.

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  “Keep the spare in the glove box?” you wrote Paul.

  I do not think this is a good idea.

  The key is a key-less start enabling “key”.

  So leaving a spare key in the car makes it a thief very easy to get away with my car, once he is in the car!

  Just smashing a window will do the job.

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