[Mgs] OT LBC update

Richard Lindsay richardolindsay at gmail.com
Mon Nov 11 16:01:43 MST 2019

  Hello MG friends,

   Although this note isn't about my MG, I thought I would share a couple
of pictures of my TR6 project. The car is now painted and beginning to come
back together. In this first picture, one can see the new but dusty paint
and a still unpolished bumper.


   One can see that the bumper protrusions and front spoiler have not yet
been repainted black.


   Same with the front turn signal lenses. The electrical system is
disabled so I don't know if the lamp sockets are viable, but that's easy to
check, and remedied as required, later when the system gets powered up.


    The bolt holes on the front of the bumper are leftovers from the front
license mount - not needed here in Texas, on a classic car. The bolts on
the top of the bumper are where fog lights once resided.

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