[Mgs] Determine build date for an O/D transmission?

Dan DiBiase dan.dibiase at gmail.com
Thu Nov 14 05:34:14 MST 2019

Ha, ok, OT, but I have actually tested that, Paul.... The fob for our CX-5
doesn't have a lot of range, and I once tested it from the same distance
using just the fob (didn't unlock) and holding it under my jaw with my
mouth open (unlocked it).

As I did this in the high school parking lot after a field hockey game, my
daughter was a little peeved.

The hidden fob key for this car doesn't set off the alarm.

Dan D
Central NJ USA

On Thu, Nov 14, 2019 at 3:49 AM PaulHunt73 via Mgs <mgs at autox.team.net>

> That's usually gradual, but if you habitually don't operate the locks
> unless you are right by the car you probably wouldn't notice.  It's said
> (in many places) that holding the fob against your head whilst pressing the
> button boosts the signal to double or more.
> I can get into mine with a key, but it sets the alarm off, and only the
> fob will switch that off!  Keep the spare in the glove box?
> And do you regularly test the spare fob? :o)
> PaulH.
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> So true. This week my wife hardly could get the doors unlocked of our
> business Mazda 6 sw. reason was that the battery of the key became empty.
> Stupid thing does that without a warning. One should carry the spare key
> with them, in order to prevent such thing making someone stranded in the
> middle of nowhere…
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