[Mgs] Determine build date for an O/D transmission?

PaulHunt73 paulhunt73 at virginmedia.com
Tue Nov 12 01:26:10 MST 2019

That's because he omitted to say it needs additional circuitry and components!

I got fed up with OD auto-engaging as I changed from 2nd to 3rd so built a circuit that once out of an OD gear, it locked it out semi-permanently until I turned the manual switch off and back on again.  That has a warning light to say it has been locked out, rather than one to say it is engaged.  More info here http://www.mgb-stuff.org.uk/gearstext.htm#sequencer

That uses a relay which has been completely reliable, for a time someone was selling a module based on a thyristor but a pal has one and it keeps triggering when some other electrical circuit is switched off or on.  That also has a panel with a push-button for on, another for off, and an LED but that needs mounting somewhere, mine just uses the standard switch.  A link to a circuit for that is there as well.

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  I don’t understand how a momentary push button switch (Bert’s suggestion) would even work...
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