[Mgs] Determine build date for an O/D transmission?

Hans Duinhoven h.duinhoven at planet.nl
Sat Nov 9 03:20:16 MST 2019

“trawling through the Heritage archive yourself”

I wonder if they let you. 

During our visit these guys were quite strict what was allowed and not.

DIY in the archives is not likely to happen I think.





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Aan: Hans Duinhoven
Onderwerp: Re: [Mgs] Determine build date for an O/D transmission?


No info on gearbox or OD dating in either my Clausager book or Heritage certificates.  You might get the info from Overdrive Repair Services in Sheffield who are ex-Laycock people, failing that I suspect trawling through the Heritage archive yourself would be the only other option.



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This site may be useful for this kind of information. 


After completion of the restauration of my MG BGT in 2000, I ordered the BMIHT Heritage Certificate. 

The kind of details you are looking for are likely in the register. 

Perhaps another source could by the Clausager book Original MGB:


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