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When you say 'failed' I presume you mean the pedal went to the floor?  Or at least much further down than normal?  Or did you have a firm pedal but poor retardation?  

Pedal to the floor is unlikely to be hoses, they either burst and stay burst, or develop a flap internally that stops that brake (or both rears assuming the same as the MGB) from coming off or going on.  If a caliper hose it will cause either severe dragging or strong pulling to one side.

Pedal to the floor is either pressure seal failure or air, but air is unlikely to come and go.  I've had an MGB clutch master that did much the same and it turned out to be the spreader behind the pressure seal with a chunk broken away, causing the seal to cock in the bore intermittently.

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  Took it out for a test, and the brakes work pretty well, driving perhaps a mile with numerous application of the brakes, just once, the brakes pretty much failed and I had to pump it quite a bit.  Then they worked fine again just fine for the rest of the test drive.  Car sat for about an hour, then I took it out again for another test drive.  Exactly the same - brakes worked great except just once it was like they failed, but after a good bit of pumping they came back up and I drove it back in, testing the brakes numerous times with good results.


  We don't know how old the hoses are; that's my next item to replace.
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