[Mgs] MGA brakes

dave dave at ranteer.com
Wed Jul 31 08:38:57 MDT 2019

We have an mga that hasn't moved for about 6 months due to the master
cylinder.  We put all new seals in the brake side of the master cylinder,
and bled all four corners quite a bit.  Clutch works just fine.


Took it out for a test, and the brakes work pretty well, driving perhaps a
mile with numerous application of the brakes, just once, the brakes pretty
much failed and I had to pump it quite a bit.  Then they worked fine again
just fine for the rest of the test drive.  Car sat for about an hour, then I
took it out again for another test drive.  Exactly the same - brakes worked
great except just once it was like they failed, but after a good bit of
pumping they came back up and I drove it back in, testing the brakes
numerous times with good results.


We don't know how old the hoses are; that's my next item to replace.


Any one have any other ideas?

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