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PaulHunt73 paulhunt73 at virginmedia.com
Fri Jul 19 09:07:40 MDT 2019

People keep saying 'headlights' - is that when you get the warning?  And as soon as you stop the engine?  How about auto stop/start?  One assumes the warning doesn't sound then, it would be rather annoying!  My modern car warns if the lights are on at all i.e. even the 'parking' lights, but only when the drivers door is opened.
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       We are all accustomed to our modern drivers having a buzzer or flashing light to tell us headlamps have been left on, or they automatically shut off the lights.
      A small buzzer, of the sort some use to sound when turn signals are flashing, is easily rigged between headlamp switch and ignition.  
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