[Mgs] Unknown aftermarket body shell

dwoerpel dwoerpel at wi.net
Wed Jan 31 10:30:28 MST 2018

Dear Listers,

A puzzlement:

As long as some were mentioning the lists were a bit slow I thought I'd 
give you something on which to chew.  As I am winnowing and gleaning 
various bits of accumulated detritus in my files I came across the 
attached photos of an aftermarket body in a shop I visited back in the 
late 90's (1990's NOT 1890's!).  The owner did not have any idea what it 
was and had taken it in partial payment for a job.  He believed it to be 
for an MGA or Big Healey (longer wheelbase than a Spridget).  The front 
has an oval opening (too much junk in the way to get a shot of it).  No 
attachment point to fit on a frame just a shell.  It looks "A"-ish but 
notice the location of the fuel filler hole; wrong side.  Thought of 
Elva but the filler is on top; so are Triumphs.  The only lead I have is 
that it was located between Milwaukee and Fond Du Lac WI, within an hour 
of Road America and it's believed the customer that gave it was from the 

Anyone recognize this shell?  Wish I could call this a contest and the 
winner gets to ride with Alonso at Le Mans but alas, I have no idea as 
to the correct answer.

Have at it boys and girls,

Dave W.

59 :{)
59 MGA 1500

Burlington WI

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