[Mgs] Is the MG web ring dead? -- Yes

Barney Gaylord barneymg at mgaguru.com
Tue Jan 30 20:08:38 MST 2018

I think the MG Web Ring has been gone for a long time, like years even.

The MG Site Ring is different, and I have been managing that one for 
many years.  As of first of this year Bravenet discontinued their 
site ring service, without notice.  So the long standing MG Site Ring 
(with about 140 remining linked member web sites) is suddenly 
defunct.  If you have a link to that service, you can now remove the 
MG Site Ring linking block from your web page.  They pulled the plug 
so suddenly that I didn't even have a chance to notify the Ring 
members, so there was no opportunnity to make other 
arrangements.  Sometimes free is not such a good deal.

On the other question, the domain name mgcars.org.uk had been 
dinscontinued some years ago, and was replaces with 
mg-cars.org.uk  (add the hyphen).  I don't know why, but in the 
meantime the old domain name was bring forwarded to the new one, so 
everything has coniinued to work.  I guess after some years they 
finally stopped paying the old domain name fee and let it laps.  So 
if you have anything linked to www.mgcars.org.uk you can change the 
link to www.mg-cars.org.uk and it should work again.

Barney Gaylord, ex-ringmaster
MG Site Ring, deprecited

Still webmaster for

At 12:08 AM 1/31/2018 +0000, David Breneman via Mgs wrote:

>I was doing some maintenance on my web site and noticed that the 
>link at the bottom was no longer getting populated with the 
>pictorial link the the MG Web Ring.  I went to the URL and it looks 
>like a domain squatter has it now.
>Is it defunct?
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