[Mgs] H4 or HS4 carbs on an MGA 1600 and Electronic Ignition or Points

PaulHunt73 paulhunt73 at virginmedia.com
Wed Jan 10 01:13:18 MST 2018

e-mail signatureUnder those circumstances a fault has obviously developed.  I'd definitely resolve that first.  If you start messing changing major components and still have problems you won't know whether the original fault is still there, or it is something you have done, or both.  But why do you think four things all happened to go wrong at the same time?

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  It ran great for @400 miles on a run from Raleigh, NC to just North of Caryville, TN in the New Years Eve subzero weather, then quit.  Would fade and then rev back up (until it didn't anymore).  Probably a combination of fuel pump, bad fuel, coil, and voltage regulator issues. Man was it cold on that mountain waiting for AAA!

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