[Mgs] Brake Fluid disappearing

Mogrits mogrits at gmail.com
Fri Apr 20 18:27:34 MDT 2018

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> >> When I tried to take my MGB out of hibernation last Friday the brake
> peddle when all the way to the floor.  Looking under the hood, I found that
> the reservoir on the master cylinder was completely empty.  The whole
> system was working properly when I put the car away last fall.

Check behind the tires as suggested but also take out your driver side
carpet and look for either fluid in the carpet or signs of blistered paint
in the floor pan where the fluid has stripped it. If I ever had a leak that
was the first place I looked. It means your master cylinder is leaking.
What kind of fluid do you use? If you ever used DOT3 you need to replace
every seal in the system.

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