[Mgs] MGB Disappearing brake fluid

Schauss, Peter [US] (ES) peter.schauss at ngc.com
Mon Apr 16 07:45:50 MDT 2018

When I tried to take my MGB out of hibernation last Friday the brake peddle when all the way to the floor.  Looking under the hood, I found that the reservoir on the master cylinder was completely empty.  The whole system was working properly when I put the car away last fall.  

I inspected the brake hoses and did not see any obvious leaks or signs of leakage around the calipers.  I have not pulled the rear drums yet but there was no sign of extraneous fluid from the outside.  Would a leak in the brake booster cause this kind of problem?  The engine had a serious miss when I first started it.

I refilled the reservoir on the master cylinder and it was still full after the car sat overnight so I don't think that it is leaking.

Peter Schauss
1980 MGB

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