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Thu Nov 30 15:59:54 MST 2017

I have the Tourist Trophy Sport Exhaust System on my 1972 MGB Roadster and highly  recommend it for sound and durability.  It’s like new after ten years.

I also have a 1968 MGB-GT and received the same system new yesterday.  The problem and question is:  The GT has a header on it and the system is not compatible, so I have to decide among various options:

Exchange the system for the one that comes with the header and scrap the header that’s on my car now.  (Ninety dollar price difference.)

Since the header on my car appears ok, order the small section of TT pipe that comes with the header version of Sport Exhaust and fit the system I just received.  (Not sure if this will work without modification, plus the small pipe alone is over $200.)

Use the TT down pipe I received and won’t need with the header and fabricate the small section I do need.  Use exhaust connectors available from many sources.

Find a stock exhaust manifold, and replace the header and install the system I have.

Since, I don’t particularly care for the weber carb on the GT and since I’m ready to replace the side cover engine gaskets on my 1972 Roadster AND have to remove the carbs and exhaust manifold,….I’m thinking of replacing the GT carbs and exhaust manifold with the ones from the Roadster. The new system will then be compatible.

Anyone have thoughts on this?  Appreciate any input.  I like number 4 or just making it work.  Are MGB exhaust manifolds scarce?


Steve Hughes

Gainesville, FL
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