[Mgs] Chain hoist or shop crane for lifting an engine/trans?

Steve Shoyer steve at shoyer.com
Fri Jun 23 18:04:05 MDT 2017

I'm going to replace my clutch and cam, so I'm trying to figure out how to
lift the engine and transmission out of the car.  I was thinking of getting
a 1-ton (or 2-ton) shop crane, but I have a four-post lift in the garage, so
an alternative would be to attach a 1-ton chain hoist to a beam suspended by
the lift over the car.  Either one should work, in theory anyway, but I've
never pulled an engine before so I'd rather do it the best way.


I'm leaning toward the chain hoist, mostly because it would be easier to
store after I'm done with it.


Thanks for any advice you can share.


--Steve (1980 MGB)

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