[Mgs] Excessive Oil Consumption

PaulHunt73 paulhunt73 at virginmedia.com
Fri Jun 9 08:49:19 MDT 2017

You do need to do dry and wet compression tests.

If leaving it idling for a couple of minutes, then momentarily flooring the throttle, do you get blue smoke out of the back?  That indicates worn valve stems/guides, possibly rings/bores, the compression test should indicate which.

Is there any wet oil in the breather tube from the front tappet chest cover and the carbs?  Particularly at the Y connector and carbs?  If so that does indicate oil is passing that way.  You say you have no oil separator, do you mean you have removed the factory arrangement of mesh in the front cover?  That could well cause it.  There were also two types of cover with different holes and passages, and some have found the only way to cure oil consumption that way was to change the cover.  Also mounting a catch-tank above the cover port, with the inlet right at the bottom and the outlet at the top, should allow oil to be trapped but drain back into the sump at switch-off.

Do you have through-flow with the breather system?  There should be some suction on the hose from the rocker cover to the charcoal canister.  However with no through flow that should in fact stop any oil passing that way.


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  I am currently thinking something to do with crankcase ventilation pulling oil past rings.
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