[Mgs] clutch/trans question

PaulHunt73 paulhunt73 at virginmedia.com
Wed Jun 7 08:15:22 MDT 2017

It's correct, but the distance the roller bearing actually moves back and 
fore on the shaft is very small, so the distance between extremities on the 
arc is even smaller.  JT shows the effect moving the release arm through the 
whole of its travel when not operating the cover-plate, which is many times 
more than it does in practice.  The arc extremities are small compared to 
the off-centre effect of the bearing on the shaft that can occur, and that 
is occurring through the whole of the travel.

Factory roller bearings with the location tube over the shaft prevent both 


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> Lets see if I can add my 2cents as why roller bearings will not work ( for 
> very long)  The end of the bearing fork travels in a arc, not paralel  to 
> the trans. input shaft. 

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