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Glenn Schnittke g.schnittke at comcast.net
Thu Jun 1 18:28:39 MDT 2017

The best effective way to troubleshoot it is, sadly, pull the engine and 
look. There's only three things it can be - The T/O bearing, the plate 
or the bush. If it's the T/O bearing you'll see it immediately. If it's  
the bush you'd probably want  to pull the clutch off so you don't get 
grease on the plate. One way or the other it does mean pulling at least 
the engine and you might as well replace the entire clutch mechanism so 
you don't have to do it again for a while. I know it would take a 
bleeding but I'd recommend checking the slave and the hose at the same 
time. The hose is a bear without the right tools when the engine's in 
the car. Make sure you have an alignment tool.

Depending on your style of driving a clutch CAN wear that badly in a 
'few years'. I replaced mine about 8 years ago and now it squeals, but 
only when I'm driving in the rain and going into first and letting the 
clutch out. But mine is a daily driver - variously getting to work in 
anywhere from 10 to 40 miles each way. I'd imagine I've got close to 
100,000 miles on it.


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>   > My 65B has started squealing when I push the clutch to the floor and
> it is definitely coming from the rear of the engine.
> The top of my list of suspects would be the throw out bearing.
> Especially if it is a roller bearing.
> Eric Russell
> Mebane, NC

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