[Mgs] MG1100 questions

Barney Gaylord barneymg at mgaguru.com
Tue Jul 11 14:44:55 MDT 2017

In 1969 I bought an Austin America new.  Had it for four years, put a 
lot of miles on it.  Basically same car and same chassis as the MG 
1100, but 1275cc engine, and automatic transmission.  A delightful 
little car to drive, nice cushy suspension with crisp handling, good 
steering and brakes.  The auto box was a bit weak in the knees and 
may need rebuild sooner than we like.  The manual gearbox was good.

Some minor leak at a pipe joint in the suspension may be fixed by 
tightening the connection and pumping it up with a grease gun filled 
with 50/50 glycol and water mix (antifreeze).  If the system plumbing 
is disconnected, or you have to replace a rusted pipe, getting it 
back togther requires a vacuum pump to evacuate the air before 
filling with antifreeze.  I replaced a pipe on one of these a couple 
years ago.  It required R&R of the rear subframe, which was 
restoration work, as it had never been apart before.  Think broken 
bolts plus cut and weld to relace tapping plates, and maybe 
repaint.  If you ever have to do that it may lead to full 
restoration, very time consuming, expensive not cost justified.  They 
are nice little cars, just not worth enough to put the money into them.

Barney Gaylord
1958 MGA with an attitude

At 06:19 PM 7/10/2017 -0700, D Councill via Mgs wrote:
>I am considering purchasing a 1964 MG 1100 to add to my MG fleet. It 
>is a non-running project car and from what I can tell, the value of 
>a restored or running MG 1100 is not very high (compared to a MGB 
>for example). So I am looking for guidance or opinions from those of 
>you familiar with or own one or more. Are there any issues with 
>parts availability for some items? Are there items I should look at 
>on this car that should be a reason not to buy the car? As with 
>other project cars, I would have to replace rubber, tires, 
>upholstery, and probably do an engine overhaul in the process so I 
>am just seeing if it is worth the effort, not knowing that much 
>about the 1100s. The car currently is overpriced but the owner is 
>getting desperate, having tried to sell it for the past year and 
>thus I may now be interested if price and conditions are right. Or maybe not.
>David Councill
>1964 MGB
>1967 MGBGT
>1972 MGB

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