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There used to be a guy with pages of info on the 1100 - I think he was
located in South Carolina..... Can't find my bookmark now. Quick search on
Google didn't turn it up either.

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> I am considering purchasing a 1964 MG 1100 to add to my MG fleet. It is a
> non-running project car and from what I can tell, the value of a restored
> or running MG 1100 is not very high (compared to a MGB for example). So I
> am looking for guidance or opinions from those of you familiar with or own
> one or more. Are there any issues with parts availability for some items?
> Are there items I should look at on this car that should be a reason not to
> buy the car? As with other project cars, I would have to replace rubber,
> tires, upholstery, and probably do an engine overhaul in the process so I
> am just seeing if it is worth the effort, not knowing that much about the
> 1100s. The car currently is overpriced but the owner is getting desperate,
> having tried to sell it for the past year and thus I may now be interested
> if price and conditions are right. Or maybe not.
> David Councill
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