[Mgs] Intermittent Fuel Starvation

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Mon Apr 24 08:38:12 MDT 2017

All-plastic floats can be a fiddle to set the correct height, but shouldn't cause the valve to stick.  But if you can get the adjustable ones then it's probably worth it for itself.  There are black StayUp floats from a lot of suppliers these days, these are said to be unsinkable (so was Titanic ...) and have a metal arm so adjustable.

There was a thread elsewhere in 2009 with a very similar problem - multiple replacements no different, even a new lid complete with valve already fitted was stuck fast, and stuck again after freeing.  A solution (pun not intended) was apparently to clean the tip with a solvent, and I'd do the seat as well with a cotton bud, making sure no strands are left behind afterwards.  The moving part should definitely drop away from the seat under gravity alone.


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  I managed to get one bowl cover off once while the needle was stuck shut & the float had dropped away from it.  Just lightly touching it made the needle drop.  There has never been any residue in the bowls but I may replace the fuel hoses JIC that they are decomposing internally.  I've never been able to detect any deposits on the needle tips though.
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