[Mgs] Question on MGB Light Switches

S. Carr britfan1 at epix.net
Mon Nov 14 20:47:17 MST 2016

I hope somebody comes up with the answer to this, as I have exactly the same problem on our ‘71 B/GT.

After removing the steering column cowl (and putting it back together without breaking the plastic where the screws go is even harder than removal—good thing we had another one in the spares bin!) I noticed that the contact that apparently completes the forward-for-high-beam circuit was no longer there—apparently burned away.  So I raided our spares bin for a used stalk—from another year, as it has icons on it that the one in the car doesn’t, but the plug and all the wire colors matched and the “missing” contact was there—and plugged it in while things were still apart.  Still no high beams (though, like Jack, I can flash them by pulling the stalk backward), so I put everything back together with the original stalk, and try not to drive the car at night....

Help us both!

Sarah Carr
‘71 B/GT in PA

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Subject: [Mgs] Question on MGB Light Switches

I have a 1971 MGB that has a problem with the headlight switches.  Before I start replacing everything and hope for the best, I thought I would ask if any of you has had a similar problem, or can suggest a possible solution.

When I push bottom of the light switch (on the dash) to the first position, the parking lamps and tail lights come on.  OK, so far.  When I push the light switch to the second position, the headlights come on with the low beam.  OK, again.  Now comes the problem.

When I move the stalk on the left side of the steering column forward (toward the dash), the lights go off (i.e. no high beams).  If I pull this stalk all the way towards me, the high beams do come on, so the bubs are apparently OK.

My first thought was that it may be the high beam/low beam and direction indicator switch located on the steering column.  Does this sound right?  Any other thoughts?

And finally, if this is the case, is this switch available, and if so, do you have a source you would recommend.

Thanks for your help.

Jack Wheeler
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