[Mgs] MGTD misfiring carbs

Barney Gaylord barneymg at mgaguru.com
Sun May 29 09:04:27 MDT 2016


Yes, it sounds lean on accelleration.  Lack of 
oil in the dashpot dampers will do that.  Have 
you tried running it under load?  Does it pull 
okay with load and constant throttle?  What's your location?

Barney Gaylord
1958 MGA with an attitude

At 08:59 AM 5/29/2016 -0400, W. David Houser via Mgs wrote:
>Below is a link to a video I put up on Youtube 
>showing how my TD engine is running after just 
>replacing the jet assembly gaskets and the float 
>bowl to carb body grommets on each carb. The 
>carbs are MGA 1.5”. The car has been modified 
>to MKII specs. The thing is it was running great 
>without the misfire before I changed the seals that were leaking.
>I centered the jets twice, got a sharp click 
>when dropped, floats getting gas, no stuck 
>needles. I did not change the jets or needles 
>that were on the car and as I say was running well.
>Seems like it’s running a bit lean when you 
>give the gas. The jets are down 16 flats from 
>the top, 2 full turns plus 4 additional flats.
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