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Good afternoon Dave, did you adjust the jet height to .072" below the bridge, as a starting point?

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   1. TD running rough (W. David Houser)


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Just finished rebuilding the 2 carb jet assemblies on my TD due to leaking from the float bowls and bottom of jets I have MGA 1.5? carbs on there.
Prior to replacing the 4 float bowl grommets and jet needle seals and the cork like washer that screws into the carb body, car ran great. Nothing else touched. Needles and jets the same. Pistons re-centered and clicking when lifted and released. Choke not sticking when pushed back in, jets close up fine. Took off float bowl covers and both bowls have gas to proper level, no stuck levers or needles.
When car started it misfires and engine shakes like too lean. After a bit of time, engine stalls, doesn?t just quit. Too coincidental that something electrical may have happened.
Any thoughts?
Dave Houser


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