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David Councill dcouncill at karamursel.org
Fri May 6 09:09:43 MDT 2016

I have been restoring a 1964 MGB (my non-winter daily driver). It needed a
steering wheel when I brought it back to life several years ago after it sat
in the previous owner's garage for about 30 years. So I purchased the
original style (banjo) steering wheel since I have never had one in my many
years of MG ownership plus I try to keep the cars fairly original. What I
did not realize is how big they are in diameter plus I liked the feel of the
smaller loaner steering wheel I had been using that belonged to my son.
Having several MGBs, I determined my preferred steering wheel diameter to be
14"-15", leaning more to 14" (13" being too small).


So now I have been watching for steering wheels, preferably wood. Although I
have looked at the modern Moto-Lita and other variants, I found a used
steering wheel on Ebay, Styla brand, but it has a few defects, comes with
the entire column, and would cost about the same as a new Moto-Lita for the
whole thing. So now I have been focusing on a period correct after-market
wood steering wheel (14-15") as the preferred option. But I can't seem to
find much information on vintage steering wheels. There is the Les Leston
brand but I haven't seen any for sale the past few months. The Styla brand
looks good if I can find one at a decent price. I have now located a
"Superior Performance" steering wheel that has promise but the boss is plain
(no logo) and the seller is not sure it has the correct boss - and that
could be a problem since I cannot tell what kind of boss might work if I had
to replace it.


So I'll ask the list what any of you might now of 1960s wood steering wheels
used on the MGB and any sources of such to help in my search.


David Councill

64 MGB


72 MGB


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