[Mgs] fuel pump problems, need help

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Thanks Paul et al. Don't know on the response q's other than technically,
you should receive two, one through mgs and the other directly to you. I've
sucked and blown and I think there may be a leak on the pull. The diaphragm
looks good and is pliable, but I don't know compared to a new one. There
doesn't appear to be any cracks. I suspect some of the sealing is old and
leaky. I have decent push, just sucky suck.



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According to the WSM the pump should be capable of lifting fuel a couple of
feet, and pumping it up a couple of feet more, i.e. far more than required
on the cars.  Should prime in 10 to 15 secs.


There can also be faults with (or incorrect reassembly of) the one-way
valves in the pump that will also prevent it supplying fuel.


Incidentally, how come I only get second response, and not the first or the
original post?  Happens from time to time.



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  There is no need to prime the SU pump. 

  Switch it on. If it thumps, it pumps.  

  However, it does not pull very hard (most pumps push better than pull),
and any air leaks between pump and fuel tank will allow the pump to pull
only air.


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