[Mgs] fuel pump problems, need help

Clayton Kirkwood crk at godblessthe.us
Mon Jul 18 15:27:03 MDT 2016


62 MGA, fuel won't pump. I disassembled my pump and checked the diaphragm,
the rubber looked really good, I replaced the cork seal for what looks like
the overflow tank, this is not the original kind of pump with the
unscrew-able filter. The filter is inside the well for the intake seal and
it was perfectly clean as there is an inline filter. The cork seal was old
and had a break along where the tightening screw goes in but around the
perimeter it was good. I created a new on by oiling a new piece of cork to
make it moist and more pliant.


I found that the diaphragm needs to be screwed in enough so that the
contacts can be enabled by the magnet, too loose a diaphragm and the pump
won't pump especially by the time the voltage goes all the way through the


As it is pumping, it provides too little vacuum when felt by finger test and
clearly not enough to suck gas. I believe my i/o seals are set up
incorrectly and intact. I have no way to know if my gaps and diaphragm as
adjusted correctly as I don't have the indicated test equipment. In
addition, the manual is for a different pump.


I would think as long as the piston is going up and down I should at least
get a stronger vacuum. What do I do? What is wrong?






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