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Let's start with the penetrating oil, though I don't think it's going to 
help much here. The tapered area may come out clean as a whistle. 
Instead of buying off the shelf, mix 50/50 ATF and acetone. It actually 
works. It's THE best penetrating oil I've ever used. Then there's the 
separating tool. The only thing I've found a pickle fork to be really 
useful for is removing ice from your wheel wells without damaging the 
undercoating. Buy a decent ball joint separating tool. It's two pieces 
of steel with two screws in them. It's essentially a Jorgenson clamp 
that pushes the threaded end of the ball joint into the eye. You can 
exert an amazing amount of pressure and bust the thing openwithout even 
damaging the boot. Leave the nut on. The first time you use it it you 
will naturally be conservative with tightening it. Don't be.There's only 
so far it can go if you leave the nut on. Tighten it until you think the 
tool will break and then give it a few more turns. It will go off like a 
small caliber pistol. Leave it on for a day if you need to. Hit the 
thread with the torch. The trick with two sledges on either side of the 
eye might help, too. I've had that work by itself. It WILL pop.


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> >Hey friends, I need help please. The ball joints on my Triumph GT6 project are severly stuck. They've been rusted in place for over 30 years - perhaps 40+ years! And I have tried a 'pickle fork', pounding, penetrating oil, and the torch...all to no avail.
> >Please tell me your ideas. My '72's suspension is ready to reassemble, except for the ball joints. Ideas? Tricks? Experiences? Magic?
> >Thank you. All advice is appreciated.
> >-rick

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