[Mgs] In search of an oil cooler

Charley & Peggy Robinson ccrobins at ktc.com
Sat May 23 18:40:44 MDT 2015

My, that is unique.  Never seen one like that before.  You might get 
someone weld up the bracket if you can live with the damage at the top 
right corner.


On 5/23/2015 4:14 PM, dcouncill via Mgs wrote:
> My 1964 MGB is nearing the completion of an engine overhaul. But the 
> oil cooler that was in the car has a cracked bracket on the bottom 
> where it attaches to the car. Since the car is original or close to it 
> (it had been stored in garage since 1981 until I got it a few years 
> ago), I am trying to keep it original. The oil cooler is fairly 
> unique, 10 row with rounded edges – see picture below, the cracked 
> area on right side somewhat visible.
> http://www.karamursel.org/mg/early_oil_cooler.jpg
> Anyway, I am in search of such an early style oil cooler if anyone has 
> one or know of one for sale. It is not a major deal – I’ll use a Moss 
> repro if I can’t find one and then just keep my eye out.
> David Councill
> 1964 MGB
> 1967 MGBGT
> 1972 MGB
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