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What do you mean by shimmying?  If you mean the steering wheel wobbles that is usually caused by wheel imbalance.  If you find it fades in and out on the straight, but fades quicker on a left curve and slower than on a right curve, both wheels are out.  That can wear any of the steering and front suspension components.

You need to examine and test by levering and waggling all the components and replace those worn, unless you are going for a wholesale replacement and rebuild.

MGB front swivel axles are shimmed under the upper trunnion, as are wheel bearings, and the rack damper.  Incidentally I'm not aware of the MGB rack damper being rubber, it is steel on the ones I have dug into.

Dampers only need replacing if they are leaking - that is if there is any oil left in them.  Top them up first and see what happens.  Again MGB dampers can be revalved to stiffen the suspension, if that's what you want, or you can put a different grade of hydraulic fluid (not oil) in them, but the Workshop Manual recommends not going above SAE20, and that only in warm climates.  By 'modern' do you mean damping on modern cars?  Or on after-market dampers on these classic cars?  In both cases they tend to be harder anyway, some of the offerings for the MGB ridiculously so.


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  When I hit the road in my 62 II deluxe, especially on bumpy roads, I get a lot of rumbling , clunking and shaking. She goes down the highway smoothly; no veering and only above 70 do I start to get some shimmying.
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