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I'm that odd guy out that doesn't care much about the drivers or the Driver's Championship. Okay, I do have a Senna t-shirt, but its the cars that I like.

I think the lack of 18,000 rpm scream IS a detriment. Imagine an airshow where the F/A18 or Eurofighter whispers by, even if at high speed. The sound-beyond-every-day-experience is part of the appeal. The argument that now families can bring their little children to the track is just more silly political correctness.

I don't find fault with Paul's arguments. I just have a different attraction to the 'sport' (read: circus). Where we do agree is with regard to regulations. They are stupid.

What comes after virtual safety car, fully remote control cars where the driver sits safely in an ergonomically correct chair wiggling a controller with a carpal tunnel brace on his 'driving hand'? More safety-crazy political correctness. And what follows that? Everyone gets a trophy? 

Paul states what he'd like to see in F1 - and I'd agree. How about this: Instead of stupid regulations limiting performance,  how about going the other way? Write a set of regulations establishing the minimum performance?! That way you can run what you brought as long as its not so slow that it constitutes a threat. After all, the popular phrase heard historically in the U.S., "Speed kills!", is just wrong. Speed differential kills! Therefore, establish a minimum performance instead of all the BS that we now have.

Thanks guys, for your comments. I can't wait for the season start.


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</div>I didn't see the reasoning behind Honda not having the same development opportunities as everyone else, so if they now do then I see no problem.

Increased frequency of TV commercials (ugh) is surely a sign of increased TV audience, isn't it?  Emptying grandstands may just be a sign of increasing consumer resistance to pricing.  I see Silverstone's director wants to reduce prices, saying they have been far too high.  Other commentators have said that the quieter engines have brought a wider audience, families with children, as there is less risk of harm to their hearing.  I have not been able to understand the fuss and complaints about them being less noisy.

As for Ferrari, a documentary on John Surtees this week described how as a Ferrari driver he was given an untested car at Sebring (I think) at the last minute over his planned car, as the team manager wanted an Italian to win.  In the event Surtees still won, despite being partly poisoned by exhaust fumes.  The team manager then raised an objection saying he hadn't done enough laps, but was overruled as Surtees's wife's lap charts coincided exactly with the organisers.  Was ever thus.

A superb season last year, the best for many.  I hadn't been so keyed up as for that last race since probably the 80s.  I hope the commentators grow up a bit though and don't try to blow the competitiveness between Hamilton and Rosberg out of all proportion like they did last year.


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  Hello Friends,

  In the quiet hours of this morning,  I have chosen to share some OT thoughts. Please delete now if you find this offensive. I promise it won't happen often. But if you also follow Formula1, please read on.
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