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Sat Jan 17 07:18:29 MST 2015

I watch F1 avidly as a long time ago used to field a TR2 in the Far 
East when I worked for a British import company.  I find adverts most 
annoying and I never buy anything that appears on television.  But as 
to F1, I remember when F1 was about cars and drivers not rules and 
regulations.  The current events are just technology squeezed through 
a sieve.   Why restrict tyres, why restrict overtaking and why 
restrict car weight.   Why not just restrict engine weight !   I 
still get goose bumps viewing Fangio negotiating the down bend at 
Monte Carlo.   Nothing like that now.  All cars look the same, all 
cars sound the same. Events such as the screaming 12 cylinder Honda 
that burst on the scene way back when will not happen again,  We just 
get processed stodge overseen by highly paid F1 controllers.   With 
all the technology now how long will it be before F1 cars drive themselves?

My project sits in the garage in freezing minus 17 degrees Celsius.

At 07:31 AM 1/17/2015 -0600, Rick Lindsay via Mgs wrote:
>Hello Friends,
>In the quiet hours of this morning,  I have chosen to share some OT 
>thoughts. Please delete now if you find this offensive. I promise it 
>won't happen often. But if you also follow Formula1, please read on.
>I just read that the FIA has agreed to allow Honda in-season engine 
>development for the 2015 F1 season. Could this be the first sane FIA 
>decision in recent years? The article didn't say specifically if 
>Honda would be afforded the same development opportunities as the 
>other teams. Only that they had won their appeal with the FIA. That 
>alone is a quantum change!
>What are your thoughts regarding the 2015 season? I know some of 
>you, like many in the general public, feel that F1 is living on 
>borrowed time. I too have noticed the half-empty grandstands and the 
>increased frequency of TV commercials, in the States anyway. But it 
>seems that the message may have gotten through to the organizers. 
>Healthy changes may be coming. Often it takes a bit of time, plus a 
>significant financial hit, to overcome an owner's arrogance. Only 
>then do they learn that one can't just force feed their customers 
>silliness for very long before those customers are no longer customers!
>Counter to trend, I expect McLaren to come on strong and stay 
>strong. The chassis last year, wasn't bad. And this isn't Honda's 
>first rodeo. Jensen is a very smooth driver. As such, he doesn't add 
>a lot of 'noise' to the data stream coming off of the car. Same with 
>tires. One might even view his drives as in-season testing, while 
>still capable of gathering up points. And of course, Fred is good.
>I hope to see Williams continue the progress they showed in the 
>later half of 2014. They too can be strong. Massa may have lost that 
>chip from his shoulder by now, so the whining may subside. I hope 
>so. He's a good driver but I fear his championship aspirations are 
>behind him. Still, good for points.
>I believe Ferrari's public statements about hoping to win two races 
>this season, is an 'under promise, over deliver' scheme. That 
>psychological approach rallies the fans around the underdog. But, 
>"Have no fear, Underdog is here!" Below are my thoughts on the 2015 
>season for the red cars.
>Kimi will just keep on doing whatever he does. But, what will Seb do 
>in a red fire suit? Personally, I care very little about the 
>drivers. I like the cars - but you may know that. What I do follow 
>is how the driver influences car development.
>Seb's self-described driving style is 'point-n-squirt'. That works 
>great in a chassis that handles the rest of the issues. Witness the 
>earlier Red Bulls. But make the chassis a pig to drive, like most of 
>the cars last last season, and that go-kart style of driving doesn't 
>work. One has to actually drive the car from braking point through 
>to exit, rather than just ride it out. The big question in my mind 
>remains: Even if Ferrari can build enough power into the hybrid 
>abortion energy system (or whatever politically correct name 
>chosen), can they build a chassis, within the current formula, that 
>fits Seb's point-n-squirt driving style? That, my friends, is what 
>will define Ferrari's performance in 2015. Remember, Adrian Newey 
>couldn't do it last year and he is arguably the preeminent designer. 
>That said, I feel that the key element in the instability is that 
>stupid rear brake-by-wire, not aerodynamics.
>Mercedes will be strong, no doubt. The chassis is a work of art and 
>the engine is excellent. But this season, it may not stand out so 
>far above the crowd. What they made work is the braking. That let 
>them take full advantage of the power available.
>And the other teams? Predicting their performance is as reliable as 
>predicting roulette. Well, except perhaps for Lotus. They may bring 
>some nice surprises for us. I'd love to see them gather a bunch of 
>constructor points, perhaps even a few wins!
>Personally, I want Minardi and the innovative offerings of Ken 
>Tyrrell back. But alas...
>Thanks for sharing my aside,
>PS: Reassembly of the until-now stalled TD, resumes this week! Woohoo!
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