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Thanks Bob. You know I'm a sucker for a basket case. But with 10 cars in the scuderia, I'm full.

I would consider recommending this car to anyone who plans a restoration. A WHOLE LOT of the restoration work is disassembly. This sounds a really good place to start a full restoration!


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</div>Hi Rick and Guys,
Talking MG TDs, please excuse this direct approach! So please spread the word, Thanks, 
Shot-gun approach, but I have to sell the 1953 MG TD MK2 below. Please excuse the length of description.
Anybody need a project before I part it out? I don't have room to store and have several pre-war projects in the works.
Please email ,or call, for more information and some photos if any interest. TD is in Port Credit, Mississauga, Ontario.  
Thanks, Bob, Canada

Bob Grunau
150 Pinewood Trail,
Mississauga, Ontario
Canada, L5G-2L1

Attached and below, 1953 MG TD MK2 information,  prepared to accept any reasonable offer. The TD has been apart for nearly 50 years, I knew both guys who owned it in pieces. Body wood needed, but Craig Seabrook has it. Good Ontario ownership. 
I need to sell this project soon, please take a look.  Let me know if anybody interested. Will accept $4000.00 US$ for complete package, including MGA wire wheel set-up. 
Otherwise, will part it out  

I have a 1953 MG TD/C27475 for sale. Description as follows: 
The TD has an Ontario ownership, unfit from 1975 so easy title transfer.   
Chassis and body are currently under a tarp on my open trailer and couple photos attached..
However, this is a brief run-down of the project..  It is a 1953 MG TD MK2, chassis number TD/C27475, built on 6 May, 1953. The chassis is appears straight and has been sandblasted and primed. The car has been inside stored for the last approximately 50 years. The last owner, Jack Cuffe, who I knew and was a member of our Ontario MG T Register ,  bought the TD in about 1975. Jack passed away a year and a half ago and I bought the TD from the estate. Jack owned several MGs so there are some mixing of parts. I am currently sorting it out. Previous owner, Dr. Don Wallace, I knew as well and he took the car apart , along with a TC and TF, so again, there are some parts intermixed. The TD body is rough and will need new wood and repair to the sheet metal. There is some new wood, made by Wallace, but it is not a complete set. I talked to Craig Seabrook, The Whitworth Shop in Ohio,  about a new wood kit and he said he could supply a complete new TD wood kit at about $900.00 US$. Craig makes the best wood kits available. 
Body metal appears complete except no side curtain box as it was rusted badly. There are four fenders partially paint stripped and appear straight, running boards,  2 doors, four bonnet pieces, gas tank, ( and a spare gas tank for a fuel cell ? ) ,  front and rear valances, good firewall still bolted to body, spare wheel carrier, gas tank and side panels. Top bows and top and front two side curtains. Also have bonnet latches, door handles, a new front bumper blade, four bumper “S” brackets, four over-riders, seat back, two seat bottoms and seat tracks. Driveshaft is there. Four shocks and suspension members and front and rear springs. There is a radiator and fairly good TD chrome rad shell.  
Instruments appear to be all there with the proper 1953 re-chromed center panel with all parts. Speedometer and tachometer appear to be fresh rebuilt, they are both working well,  and were in plastic knotted bags and are correct for the TD.
I guess either Cuffe or Wallace were going to use MGA wire wheels and axles as there is an MGA rear wire wheel axle complete as well as the TD original axle. There are both 9” TD and 10” MGA brakes and MGA wire wheel front brake drums. Five MGA wire wheels are in the package. The MGA rear axle is an easy installation into the TD chassis and gives the perfect rear end ratio of 4.3 to give good highway cruising at lower engine revs.  The 10” MGA brakes make for very good stopping power . MGA suspension is a direct bolt-on to the TD chassis.   
Engine is a late TD with MK2 head, big valves, MK2 carbs, intake manifold and exhaust manifold, 6 qt sump . TD gearbox is there and is together . 
What else do you need to know?   What have I left out??  I am trying to give you a complete picture, make no mistake, this is a complete restoration required on this TD. However, a Mk2 is one of about 2000 TDs built, so of interest and worth restoring. 
I personally have a 1952 older restoration TD as well as several TCs and pre-war cars, so I don’t need this TD. My next restoration will be a TA or J2.  I bought the TD to help out the daughter as the Cuffe house had been sold and the TD had to be moved.   
Asking $4500.00 Cdn$ or $4000.00 US$ for the project.  I will consider a fair offer. 
Best regards and Merry Christmas, Bob
Bob Grunau
150 Pinewood Trail,
Mississauga, Ontario
Canada, L5G-2L1


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Happy New Year, my friends!B 

Nothing much going on here on the south coast, just like these MG lists. The TD sits quietly in the garage where its been for too long. I've gotten another couple of other British cars out, cleaned them up, and given them a little exercise. 

Looked at classic car prices lately? They have really turned around. Check Hagerty's Valuation guide next time you're bored! Classics are going insane. :- 

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