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Rick Lindsay richardolindsay at gmail.com
Sun Jan 4 06:56:18 MST 2015

Happy New Year, my friends! 

Nothing much going on here on the south coast, just like these MG lists. The TD sits quietly in the garage where its been for too long. I've gotten another couple of other British cars out, cleaned them up, and given them a little exercise. Over in the Italian ranks, I need to put a starter on the TR then it will be back to the little British cars.

Looked at classic car prices lately? They have really turned around. Check Hagerty's Valuation guide next time you're bored! Classics are going insane. :-o

I think I told you that I have added another car to the scuderia. If not, its a 1978 Lotus Esprit S2, in James Bond white/white. The car sat unused for about 18 months so the fuel went stale. Evaporation left gum in the carburetors. 

I recently rebuilt the carbs, gaining experience with Dellortos. They're side draught carburetors not unlike Weber DCOEs. And in fact, the DHLA45s are physically interchangeable with DCOEs. But where DCOEs are more of a racing application, the DHLAs handle progression much better. That translates into better low (engine) speed drivability. Alternative to Webers on MGBs? Here's how they look on my Esprit. 


A friend on the Esprit e-mail list recently bought a '77 Esprit S1 that had suffered an engine fire. I volunteered to try to resurrect the crispy Dellortos, having just rebuilt mine. Here's how they looked upon arrival at my door.


Yea. Yuck!

Here's a picture of the rear carb, restoration-in-progress. Its going to be just fine.


The front carb was the source of the fire, or at least, the locus of the fire. I believe I can save this carb too but the job is monumental. At $800 a piece for new, its worth a try.




TD awaits wings, fuel tank needs to be cleaned (and possibly sealed), and a new fuel line needs to be run.

So that's the car update from Houston. 
How are your winter projects progressing?


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