[Mgs] Replying to a listed post

Ron Shellenberger rshellen at comcast.net
Fri Feb 20 13:18:01 MST 2015

This is a dump post, but I have been following the list for years but have rarely made any replies simpley because that I don't know 
to do it properly. If someone would e-mail me the correct way to do it, it would be appreciated. 

I'm just finishing up the rebuild on a 18GF that I did alot of extras on it to place it in a 65B to see if the extra work was worth the work vs. a basic stock rebuild. 
I would like to share it with the list, and I'm sure there will be some exchange of thoughts and ideas/opinions, and I would like to be able to respond, 
and knowing how properly would be needed. 

Luckly I can work better with my hands than this tech stuff 

Ron Shellenberger 
Many old cars 

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