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Mike Duvall mike at duvallvideo.com
Sun Feb 15 12:19:43 MST 2015

Reality tv:  a genre of programming that documents unscripted situations and actual occurrences with a documentary style.  Much of the criticism focuses on the term reality as they attempt to present themselves as a straightforward  recounting of events.  Low production costs and high popularity is a formula for high profits.  

>> Do the guys really drive the cars?
>> Here in the U.S. we never see programs where the cars are driven flat out. 
>> I was surprised to hear about Clarkson's lack of knowledge.
>> I agree that 5th Gear is one hot hatch after another. Years ago I thought 
>> it was pretty good.  Wheeler Dealers does have a lot of US cars being 
>> worked on by Ed.
>> One of our better shows is Fantom Works. I went to see their operation and 
>> they are very much the real thing.
>> _______

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