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We get all of the Wheeler Dealer episodes. And yes, it's stupid that they brag about making money on the cars without including labor. I watched the AmphiCar episodea few nights ago, where Edd had to replace most of the lower body work and inner structure with new metal. He commented that he had asked a welding shop what theywould have charged, and they said 10,000 pounds. That was not included in the cost of refurbishing the car which they sold for a 'profit' of 5,000 pounds. That said, I dolike Mike's enthusiasm about the various cars, and they do buy and repair some cool stuff, especially the stuff they get from the UK and Europe.
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 Is your first question serious?  Yes, it is 'really big', as in the most widely-watched factual motoring program in the world.  Whether you appreciate the humour is another matter.  Some of it is infantile, some boring, but some hysterically funny.  Some of their specials have been first rate. Actors?  Well, yes.  As Clarkson has said "We have received the award for best unscripted scripted television program ever". Clarkson is an arrogant idiot, he knows nothing about cars, he is just good with words. Hammond and May seem to be decent blokes and have many other programs - usually serious and with a scientific bent - to their names. 5th Gear is very staid, I can't say I'm that interested in whether one hot hatch goes round a track 1/10th second faster than another.  Watching two people having a conversation in a cafe (if they still do that) is boring. Wheeler Dealers is completely different in that it takes a classic and 'restores' it for resale - but you probably know that.  The concept of them 'making a profit' when they don't take any labour costs into account is laughable, but I watch it for the technical interest.  America may only get the ones that involve America, but the vast majority of their output has been UK-based with some cars having been obtained elsewhere in Europe.  Maybe America isn't interested in those. Classic Car Rescue was appalling and by far the worst of the lot.  Every week a manufactured 'disaster', like cutting through the leaf springs of an MGB, lifting it by the body, then shock-horror the axle falls off. Chasing Classic Cars is a rare 'all American' program we get in the UK, mostly interesting, although watching auctions does nothing for me. There may be others but I'm not aware of them.  I watched American Chopper for years, sad that Senior couldn't cope with Junior's growing design and construction expertise.  Or with any of his offspring for that matter.   Also sad (but inevitable) that it was replaced by Fast and Loud, although as Junior said "Load and Annoying" was more appropriate, I had enough of them in the 'bike-offs'. PaulH.  ----- Original Message ----- 
  Just a few curious questions  Is Top Gear a really big program in England? Are the actors well thought of? 
 How about 5th Gear?   
 Wheeler Dealers We have the show every Weds. night. The actors attend a lot of US shows. Is it just made for the US market? 
 I think the other one is Classic Car Rescue Based in the UK but one of the actors is from Canada. 
 Last: are there any shows in the UK that are based in the US? I'm talking about car shows. 


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