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Rick Lindsay richardolindsay at gmail.com
Sun Feb 15 07:15:53 MST 2015

> Looking good, Rick...

Thanks Dan. Its such a treat to be back working on the car. Most recently I've been wrenching on my Testarossa. It's V12 uses TWO independent K-Jetronic fuel injections and unless PERFECTLY tuned, they compete for engine control at idle. The result is an unstable idle, cycling to the extent of dying. That's inconvenient and embarrassing, and has been my recent headache. So its been nice being back wrenching on the TD where the toughest decision is choosing an SAE, metric or Whitworth spanner!

> On the Lotus - were white wheels standard?

No. That's the whim of the PO. They should be silver or metallic silver-gray. The tires on the car are in all but new condition, but they are 4-5 years old. Old equates to hard so they will be changed when I put the car on the road this spring. At that time, the wheels will be repainted. Oh, for completeness, I should admit that the picture I referenced is from the seller before I bought the car. I bought it non-running and although is zooms now, I haven't taken any driveway pictures.

> Dan D
> '76B, '65B

Off to my son's birthday lunch today but pulling spanners tomorrow, thanks to my re-retirement! Woohoo.

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