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Looking good, Rick...... On the Lotus - were white wheels standard?
Dan D'76B, '65BCentral NJ USA

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Hi Friends,

My friends fire damaged Dellortos are fully restored, to the tune of
about $400 in repair parts, but they are done. I'll ship them over to
him Monday. But that's not why I am writing to you.

Today I took a few pictures of the recent work on the TD. Work on this
car is just now restarting. Progress went on hold while I restored a
Volvo 1800ES and bought a Lotus Esprit S2. But that car is not why I
am writing to you either.

This car is.


This picture is grainy because it was taken in low light. Sorry.

This red paint in the following pictures, produces a bluish cast
because its illuminated with an electronic flash. I guess that's
fluoresence from the UV in the flash. So, in each of these picture, I
have corrected the color temperature to the best of my ability. In
doing so for the paint, sometimes the other bits go a little wrong.
Specifically, one of the last pictures includes the tan facia, and it
looks too yellow.

Here is what I am actually trying to show - the beautiful fender welt.
I love the way little details make big differences.


And before anyone beats me up too badly for the orange peal in the tub
paint, please remember I painted this car in my home garage!

Here's a tail light temporarily installed, but not yet wired.


Running board welt next.


I have the new treads, both aluminum and rubber, but that has to wait.

Here's a fresh new door handle. Notice the new black cowl bumper.
Again, little details.


Now, just an ongoing work picture.


The headlight supports should be body color but I forgot to paint
them. Therefore, they are now black. Radiator grill color matches the
interior leather.

Just another couple of looks.



Thanks again for the bonnet latch alignment advice you shared.

And finally, here's the picture I referenced above, with the off color
adjusted dash.


And that's it for now. Lots left to do but reassembly is so much more
fun that scraping away grease and addressing rust! Oh, and just for
completeness, here's the Lotus.




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