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> > > Referring to the sketch from Moss Motors:
> > I still don't know how tight to make the hub nut.
> Do you mean #43? The MG is not like an American car - the combination of
> spacer # 37, the inner bearing, spacer # 40, the outer bearing, and washer
> #42 are supposed to be tight when the nut is installed. The innermost
> (#37) has to be installed the right way around. (the spacer #40's fit is
> - it'll only go in one way) See figure K2 in section K of the workshop
> (link below) for a cut-away view of the assembled hub. So, the hub nut it
> tightened 'tight' and if needed, tightened a little more to allow
insertion of
> the cotter pin. Note that the spindle is drilled in two places for the
cotter pin -
> vertically & horizontally. If the cotter does not fit in one place, try
the other.
> If one doesn't align, the other should be very close so the nut would only
> need a slight bit of movement to put the pin in.

Dude, 43? I'm thinking 41. I'm not talking about any studs here:<))
Sorry, I am in the KK's, I have a 1600 mkII with wire wheels which makes the
nut number 14 on page KK.3. For my spindles, I only have a single hole for
the cotter pin to go into. I know the inner spacer needs to be tight to the
two bearings, if I am too tight the bearings wear, if too loose the three
parts don't properly lock up and bearing start to wear wobbly in their hub
locations which happened thanks to the PO.  So tight plus a turn for the
cotter it sounds like.

> The MGA TwinCam & Deluxe has a slightly different assembly that uses shims
> to adjust bearing play.
> > In addition, the book calls for 80/90 weight oil for lubrication of the
> > swivels and pin.
> What book & where does it say that?

Check out P section in the manual. It tells us to put 80/90 in the swivels
and 30 weight in the engine:<))

> The MGA Workshop Manual is available here:
> http://www.mgaguru.com/mgtech/books/wsm.htm

Thanks Barney!!!!!!!!

> > Ps: come one, come all. Certainly there is more knowledge out there.
> Speak
> > up for the betterment of all...
> Don't trust me, eh? ...J/K...
> Eric Russell
> Mebane, NC

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