[Mgs] MGA front suspension interrogatory

Eric J Russell ejrussell at mebtel.net
Sun Aug 9 18:58:28 MDT 2015

> > http://www.mossmotors.com/Shop/ViewProducts.aspx?PlateIndexID=29224
> > Referring to the sketch from Moss Motors:

> I still don't know how tight to make the hub nut.

Do you mean #43? The MG is not like an American car - the combination of 
spacer # 37, the inner bearing, spacer # 40, the outer bearing, and washer 
#42 are supposed to be tight when the nut is installed. The innermost spacer 
(#37) has to be installed the right way around. (the spacer #40's fit is 
obvious - it'll only go in one way) See figure K2 in section K of the 
workshop manual (link below) for a cut-away view of the assembled hub. So, 
the hub nut it tightened 'tight' and if needed, tightened a little more to 
allow insertion of the cotter pin. Note that the spindle is drilled in two 
places for the cotter pin - vertically & horizontally. If the cotter does 
not fit in one place, try the other. If one doesn't align, the other should 
be very close so the nut would only need a slight bit of movement to put the 
pin in.

The MGA TwinCam & Deluxe has a slightly different assembly that uses shims 
to adjust bearing play.

> In addition, the book calls for 80/90 weight oil for lubrication of the
> swivels and pin.

What book & where does it say that?

The MGA Workshop Manual is available here:

> Ps: come one, come all. Certainly there is more knowledge out there. Speak
> up for the betterment of all...

Don't trust me, eh? ...J/K...

Eric Russell
Mebane, NC 

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