[Mgs] MGA Guru is going mobile

Barney Gaylord barneymg at mgaguru.com
Fri May 2 02:00:29 MDT 2014

I've been rather quite for a few days, so I thought I'd drop a note 
before going quiet for a few more days.  Very busy here, preparing to 
empty the house this weekend.  I also just banged out a dent in the 
MGA LR fender and repainted it, as well as straightening one trailer 
fender and repainting both.  Nice to get one last hurrah from my 
workshop before giving it up.  Not so nice that it took a few days I 
didn't really have to spare.

MGA laid up Monday through Thursday AM, good to be out for a run 
today.  I rented a 8x20 ft locker (shipping container) to be set up 
with lots of shelving and nearly all of my tools (for now anyway).  I 
hope most of the larger furniture goes off to a resale shop so I 
don't have to rent a second locker.  Thursday my little trailer 
(22-cu-ft) and MGA will move several (disassembled) workstation 
tables to the locker to be stacked for large shelving, also a lot of 
shelving from the garage, and maybe some stuff that will go on the 
shelves in storage.

Will rent moving truck for Saturday-Sunday, move more stuff to the 
locker, larger furniture to resale shop, about 1000 pounds of iron 
and other metals to the junk yard for recycling (and some 
cash).  Truck may also be helping my daughter relocate some stuff to 
her storage locker.  Need to rent a PO Box and forward mail, order 
cut-off for gas, electric, and the old land line phone.  Early Monday 
morning we're outta here.  A day or two later I should have more time 
check in again after the dust settles.

No time to reply individually to all of the well wishers, but I am 
keeping a spread sheet for all the folks who might like a visit if I 
travel their way.  A few questions have popped up, like no, Arlington 
VA is not what you might think, just a little business 
transaction.  And no time for a garage sale (unfortunately).

One thing I need to mention.  Since my MG Tech encyclopedia set 
(printed) is too large to travel with me, it would like to find a new 
home.  I don't want to put it in storage, because it will begin to go 
obsolete as soon as I stop printing the updates.  This is the printed 
copy of all 3000+ web pages in the MG Tech section of my web 
site.  It is 15 volumes of 2-1/2-inch D-ring binders, photo here: 
http://mgaguru.com/mgtech/mg_tech3.jpg (plus two more volumes).  It 
is up to date (current) as of today May 2, 2014.  I would sell it now 
for the cost of the binders alone, about $100, plus cost of shipping 
(if it needs to be shipped).  It will be about 100 pounds in two 
large boxes (50 pounds each), so estimate shipping cost 
accordingly.  I'm going to miss these books (almost as much as I will 
miss the workshop).  Time for a toast to old friends.

Barney Gaylord
1958 MGA with an attitude

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