[Mgs] As time goes by

Mark J Bradakis mark at bradakis.com
Mon Mar 31 00:17:05 MDT 2014

A cold, rainy day here in Salt Lake City, a good day to stay inside sitting at the keyboard,
no desire to head out to the chilly garage.  Listening to the radio as I sit at my desk, a
local community supported station that just finished up its spring fund drive.  Nine days of
asking for funding to keep it on the air.  I spent a few hours down there answering phones,
doing what little I can to assist in keeping it on the air.

And naturally it made me think of keeping Team.Net on the air.  I spent some time working on
getting caught up with thank you notes to those who have sent in contributions over the last few
months, still have a ways to go.  But I resolved to be a better person about it, and decided
to send out this year's fund drive message a bit early.  I'm really going to work on timely
responses.  We shall see.

So here it is.  If you appreciate having Team.Net as part of your life, I'd appreciate some
financial support. I'd like to raise enough to get a new SATA controller card for the Dell
SC1430 that is running everything, as well as a secondary SATA disk.  Or maybe even a whole
new server.  And a private island in the South Pacific and a garage full of ...  okay, forget
the island, it would be nice to do some hardware upgrades.  Those of you who have been around
for the last 20 years or so know I am not doing this for the money. Hours spent on Team.Net
compared to contributions over the years is one of those things I would love to know, but have
no desire whatsoever to know.  So it goes.


And I'm sending out this one, single message.  No hounding you for nine days.

Thanks for your support,


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