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jello at cableone.net jello at cableone.net
Sat Feb 22 16:34:31 MST 2014

I got it removed - the flats were shot, so it took two different pipe
wrenches.  One would work for  a while.  Then the other one would work -
different grips I guess, they were aobout the same size.

phil Btes

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Date: Sat, Feb 22, 2014 at 11:04 AM
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I had (maybe still have?) one like that one one of my cars. If the flats
and the corners are shot, then there's no downside to using a pair of vise
grips to take it out.

Good luck,
Dave Ambrose

On 2/21/2014 8:32 PM, jello at cableone.net wrote:

> I am trying to remove a 1967 MGB engine.  It is fully free, and hanging
> precariously.  I can't seem to remove the temperature sender's ether bulb,
> though.  The flats are pretty shot, and regardless of the fact that I'm
> using a 5/8" flare wrench (not an open end), I just seem to turn corners.
> It's not good.  Anyone have suggestions of how to remove this nut/fitting
> without destroying it??
> Phil
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